240417 – Make Your Workplace a Respectable System

mahdi khadematolrasoul

One of the most important things in my practice is to have a clinic environment where not only the personnel but also their families and patients respect. There are times where a patient might be furious and conduct his/her business with anger specially towards secretaries, due many reasons including pain, impatience, and fees. Sadly, some […]

230307 – Challenges of Practicing in Country with Post-totalitarian System

dr mehdi khadematolrasoul

Today we received a warning message from the National Cyberspace Criminal Cases Determination Committee (hope I translated it properly since their original name is vague) that our activity on the internet doesn’t match the permit we acquired for our practice. And the only reason is the name of our clinic in Persian language (written in […]

240207 – the Distance You’ve Come

دکتر خادمه الرسول دندانپزشک

the camera man who works for our clinic made an inspiring video that somehow surprised me and i loved his idea. the result made me think of the journey and how far i have come to this. the result was actually mesmerizing when i look back at the train of life and seeing how many […]

240202 – Commitment

dr mahdi khadematorasoul

Today was the last day of our 2day Neodent® Implant Course, Hands-on, and Live Patient. This weekend I was so tired and had a severe body fatigue to the point that I had to administer B-Complex Serum with Ketrolac Amp. Yet still the symptoms were not fading. I felt better 30 minutes after the treatment […]

240118 – Create a Good System to Save Your Dental Practice

دکتر خادمه الرسول دندانپزشک شیراز

Yesterday after a month of my absence I went back to clinic to attend to some patients and perform some surgeries. After talking to my staffs and updated myself about the whereabouts of the clinic and the personnel. My assistants told me that upon checking the inventory they realized that one Dental Implant and One […]

240112 – Antique Lover Found Old Dental Ad in Montreal

دکتر مهدی خادمه الرسول دندانپزشک

One of the hobbies I have if ever I could be collecting old stuffs especially whatever related to my work. Personally, my friends consider me classical type of person and I enjoy the stuffs that somehow looks classical and belongs to years ago. While having a trip in Montreal and enjoying the downtown I came […]

240112 – Patient’s Gift from US

خاطرات یک دندانپزشک

One of the blessings that my job has aside from the healing and creating beautiful smiles and making people enjoy their smiles and eating process back as what nature had designed, is the gift that sometimes my patients give me. What I wonder is how they find what I am interested in and what I […]