030115 – The Gift of New Year

mahdi khademorasool

In celebration of every Persian New Year, a day after our last working day, all the staff members and colleagues who work in our branches are invited to a little gathering. This time again as we were about to end the 1402 Persian Year and enter the new Persian year of 1403, and for our […]

240408 –A Rotten Apple, Spoils the Barrel

دکتر مهدی خادمه الرسول

We became short of dental assistant when my personal assistant had to take sudden leave of absent due to her family problem for a couple of months. We wanted to hire someone but the urgency made us to ask everyone whom we knew to refer us a dental assistant with work experience. The succeeding day […]

240112 – Patient’s Gift from US

خاطرات یک دندانپزشک

One of the blessings that my job has aside from the healing and creating beautiful smiles and making people enjoy their smiles and eating process back as what nature had designed, is the gift that sometimes my patients give me. What I wonder is how they find what I am interested in and what I […]