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Dr. Mahdi T. Khadematolrasoul
dr mahdi khadematolrasoul

About Dr. Mahdi

Dr. Mahdi Tolentino Khadematolrasoul, was born in March 1983 in Manila, Philippines, to a Filipina mother and Persian father.

He graduated general dentistry in 2008 from Centro Escolar University, and after passing the Philippines board exam, he was able to be licensed dentist in Iran too.

Upon graduation and to enhance his knowledge and skills in the field of dentistry, he attended several local and international courses like esthetic dentistry, orthodontics and dental implants.

Because of his talent and passion in dental surgeries he decided to pursue master’s degree in the field of Periodontology. And graduated as licensed Periodontist in the Philippines from Centro Escolar University in 2012, and in Iran from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in 2016.

In line with technological advancement in the field of dentistry and periodontology, under teachings of well-known experts in the field of Microdentistry, he finished his course in Dental MicroSurgery in 2017, Switzerland.

After years of practice in the field of periodontology and dental implantology and with the introduction of Digital Dentistry, with the purpose of offering advanced modernized treatment services he was able to graduate from Digital Dental Implantology Course of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. He is now among the few specialists in the field who can walk through the entire digital implant workflow from intra oral scanning, digital diagnosis and treatment planning, surgical guide design and fabrication, digital implant treatment procedures and its prosthodontic phase in his clinic.

Among other activities Dr. Mahdi has also published articles, books translated, registered invention and also gives lectures through seminars and workshops for different dental organizations, schools, conventions and companies.

As a licensed periodontist in two countries, he is currently active in his private clinic – “Unique Dental Clinic” – in Shiraz, Iran.

Our Services

dr khadematolrasoul periodontist
Implant and Digital Implantology
With the new advancements in technology and to increase accuracy and patients’ comfort, we are now equipped with the necessary devices for Computer Guided Implants. The digital planning and treatment allow us to visualize the entire procedure before actual surgery. This helps to increase accuracy, efficiency and sustainability and elevate patients experience through modernized operation.
dr khadematolrasoul periodontist
Use of dental magnification specially the dental microscope creates a higher precision, smaller field of operation, finer sutures and lesser trauma by minimally invasive treatments. These factors can also lead to faster recovery and healing period, less painful postoperative experience and a more satisfying outcome.
dr khadematolrasoul periodontist
Dental Lasers
Use of dental laser effects the healing process and recovery period dramatically. With faster healing, lesser to no bleeding and absence of sutures can benefit much in wound healing and patients experience.​
dr khadematolrasoul periodontist
Esthetic Dentistry
In the modern era where confidence and appearance are much interrelated and may benefit a person in increasing productivity or self and life satisfaction, a high quality dental cosmetic procedure can be a catalyst for one to achieve those goals. Therefore, with the use of modern technology and digital smile designing we make sure to deliver such satisfaction to our dear patients.
dr khadematolrasoul periodontist
General Dentistry
Aside from all those special services we also accommodate patients who are seeking for general dental treatments like restoration and root canal therapy.
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