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Dr. Mahdi Khadematolrasoul

240601 – Another Dream Come True as Lecturer

One of my dreams when I was a dental student was to be able to be a teacher as well. Mostly to be a seminarian as a means to be able to share my knowledge and experiences in life and work. For that I knew I had to be good in my profession and be able to document my surgeries and papers as much as possible.

So first I had to be able to graduate, then be able to get the license and then be able to work successfully in my clinic, and along the way be able to learn from experts and enhance my skills and uplift my knowledge in a continues basis, for me to be recognized then be invited as speaker and even lecturer.   

Just last weekend after 9 years since I was graduated from SUMS, I was invited by Dio Company to be their lecturer in one of their courses. The fun part was the approved venue which was Shiraz University, conference room.

When I was a resident in the university, I attended several classes and seminars in the same venue and back then I told myself how would it be if I would be invited as a lecturer in this venue!

Yes, after few years another dream had come true and the feeling was so amazing, when I look back and I see how I myself was able to come this far. Though I know there are still along way to go if I want to pursue forward, yet thinking about it made me feel great and grateful.

I remembered all the hard works and efforts and all the challenges along the way that I had to surpass. Also, I have to mention all the people and professors and mentors who helped me in the journey.

For all of them I am thankful. And for all the gifts I have I am grateful.

Reaching your goals may not be easy and definitely cannot happen over night but if one persists and keeps going with the growth mindset, it is assured the goal can be obtained.

So here from this tribune, I like to tell my colleagues and students that if you want to pursue such a venture (being a trainer and speaker) only two things should be done, 1st keep the learning passion alive and 2nd start sharing your knowledge and experiences.

If you are like me who is so passionate in sharing personal life experiences (in this case dental educations), go for it because the feeling after seeing and knowing the satisfaction of the students and colleagues after learning and enhancing their skills by you is priceless.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou   

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