Dr. Mahdi khadematolrasoul dentist
Dr. Mahdi Khadematolrasoul

What I Am Proud Of (Aug2023)

دکتر مهدی خادمه الرسول بهترین دندانپزشک شیراز

Since I was a dental student, it was my dream to be among speakers and lecturers. And since nothing like sharing what I know, gives me energy and inspires me, I am very glad seeing that dream had come true. It is my privilege to give lectures and hold seminars and workshops for dental students and colleagues. But to be honest one of the best feelings is when I have my family among my audience and attendees. Since my father and both my sisters are dentists as well, it feels so good to have them in my lectures. And of course, most of all is presence of my dad and seeing him in the lecture halls.

I grew up playing around in his clinic and the smell of ZOE and Dentin was something I was so familiar from childhood. I can say he was my inspiration to be a dentist myself, specially seeing him being among successful ones in the field (we have patients from 35 years ago whose teeth was treated by my dad and still is in good shape and healthy). We even have 4 generations of families who have records in our clinics. He was the one who inspired me to become a dentist and despite all the challenges in my way with persistence I was able to graduate as dentist and be licensed in two countries and even pursue master’s degree in Periodontology. I cannot deny both my parents supports in their own ways for me to reach my careerwise goals.

Here is my picture with my dad after giving a lecture on “Digital Implantology Workflow” for the Iranian Dental Association, a couple of months ago. And his pride face is because, his colleagues were going to him and congratulate him for my lecture! Well kind of odd but it feels nice. Not just for being a lecturer, but to have my family specially my dad among attendees. Something I am thankful for in my life.

“Each generation will reap what the former generation has sown.”

~ Chinese Proverb

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