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Dr. Mahdi Khadematolrasoul

030115 – The Gift of New Year

In celebration of every Persian New Year, a day after our last working day, all the staff members and colleagues who work in our branches are invited to a little gathering.

This time again as we were about to end the 1402 Persian Year and enter the new Persian year of 1403, and for our first time in our new clinic (Unique Dental Clinic), those who could attend arrived and we talked about what we have learned in the year that was about to end.

Personally, I love this kind of parties because it makes us be able to reconnect, know more about each other and reflect on both our personal and professional aspect of life in the year that is just about to end. So I asked each member to say something about the year that passed and what was the major learning they had this year and share what they liked in their job and what they have learned as being part of the team.

Though this time we had more newcomers and we had to say goodbye to one of our staffs, Ladan, whom was my expert assistant. After she married and with the insist of her husband to quit working and saty home to take care of the home as housewife she decided to quit. Though we were sad for she leaving us but we wished her the best of luck and a great journey ahead. As I expected the gathering was touching and filled with joy, and I could see how the staff liked such parties..

Also, this year we decided to give the book of “Big Panda and Tiny Dragon” by James Norbury together with a customized bookmark as a remembrance new year gift.

The Persian year that past (1402) was a very challenging year for me myself but I was happy because despite all its challenges we were able to successfully finish all our duties and clear our debts and finish a fulfilling year.

I just hope and pray the next year (despite the news from the government for the next year) be a better year for all humanity and specially for the people of this land who truly and patiently wait and hope to have a better life.

At the end of our gathering, I finished the meeting with a Persian poem saying:

As long as time passes, life passes

Life is passing, a person is a passerby

Life is a journey, a person is a fellow traveler

What remains from him is the way and customs of travel

تا زمان می‌گذرد زندگی می‌گذرد

زندگی در گذر است آدمی رهگذر است

زندگی یک سفر است آدمی همسفر است

آنچه می ماند از او راه و رسم سفر است

This poem reminds us that life goes on in this world and each person’s life, just like a trip will have an end. And whatever remains from a person after his trip on this earth is the marks that he/she leaves behind.

We then went to a restaurant and had lunch together, treat of the clinic. I believe such gathering will boost the camaraderie among the team members and create a bond and memories that last longer than one could imagine.

Happy Persian New Year 1403 to all my Persian friends. 😊

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