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240416 –Dental Staff Hiring Points

We have a new trainee to hire as assistant and since this is her first time working, I have to be much patient training her. So, I told my staff to help her and teach her as fast as possible to learn and be skilled. Though I used to hire assistants who were experienced in the past but this time I couldn’t find one whom could fit in our organization.

A challenge with hiring an assistant who used to work somewhere else is adopting to that certain environment. Every working place, including each dental clinic has its own system and every employee and personnel adopts to that specific work environment eventually. This includes not only the working system but also the attitude, behavior and even to some extents, beliefs. Therefore, as a person whom used to work in 14 different clinics (government, charity and private) before putting up my own, I have seen these differences to much extent. I have seen clinic with irresponsible staffs and clinics with obsessive compulsive staffs, I have seen those who work because they need the money and I have seen some work because they love their job and the position they have in clinic. This makes one important point which is knowing every workplace is unique in many levels. Now knowing this and hiring a staff who used to work with a colleague can be little tricky, to the point that sometimes they even refer to their former superiors and how they used to do a job which in many cases might be differ from how you do it.

The process of unlearning and learning can be difficult and worst is when they bring a negative attitude and if as manager you are not smart enough to spot it on time, may influence your system and other staffs in a negative way. (Refer to my other blog “A Rotten Apple, Spoils the Barrel” on this experience)

In other hand, hiring a new staff who never had an experience working in dental environment has its own challenges and the biggest is teaching them the clinic style and system. The positive side of it is that you are building someone from scratch that fits your clinic the way you wanted without worrying about other past experiences (negative or different) influence.

Personally, I prefer someone who knows the basics and is willing to adopt to the new environment believing the new place doesn’t need to be a copy of the last job. However, finding such a person is difficult.

In my opinion if a manager of a dental clinic who is hiring, should keep in mind the most important thing is personality and attitude. For me skill can be taught and learned, but attitude and personality are hard to change. So, if you find someone who has good personality traits like honesty, hard work, sense of camaraderie, and love his/her job, hire that person and just give him/her enough time to learn. Be patient in that journey and you will find yourself a great staff at the end. Also keep in mind if you found that person not learning in an acceptable pace, you are not force to keep him/her. After all, not all people are able to fit in a certain job no matter how much they are willing to learn.

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