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Dr. Mahdi Khadematolrasoul

240202 – Commitment

Today was the last day of our 2day Neodent® Implant Course, Hands-on, and Live Patient. This weekend I was so tired and had a severe body fatigue to the point that I had to administer B-Complex Serum with Ketrolac Amp. Yet still the symptoms were not fading. I felt better 30 minutes after the treatment but the same night I was feeling the body pain and severe headache again.

I was thinking if I could cancel the course but then ii remembered the schedule was set two months earlier and everything was prepared for these 2 days’ workshop.

I couldn’t just simply cancel everything. I myself used to be part of the organizing committee of such events and I know how hard it is to schedule and set everything to sync together for just one or two days of an event. Talking to speaker, setting the place, renting the location, food and refreshment, attendees, etc.

So, I told myself I will try to finish and complete the course. Despite all the tiredness and pain, I took the necessary meds to be able to stay focus and present the lecture lively.

Thanks to my passion for public speaking and lecturing, the adrenaline always helps me to enjoy what I do (sharing what I know to the world). First day I just went back home after the lecture and the hands-on workshop on dummy preparing for the next day which was live patient surgeries. After the first day lecture, I just felt too exhausted to go out again so I just tried to rest and empty my mind.

The 2nd day was even more tiring specially that the attendees were so impatient for implant placement that I had too slow them down for them to learn the key point element even further.

Fortunately, after the two days, they said they’ve learned much specially they realized their weak points and strengths.

For me it was more of satisfaction that despite all the odds and challenges specially health issues, I was able to finish another lecture. Making everyone happy and satisfied. The good thing is I was able to manage both the timing and the exercises so they could both learn and decide for their implant endeavors in the future.

“Commitment is an act, not a word.” – Jean-Paul Sartre

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