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Dr. Mahdi Khadematolrasoul

Blessings of Good Staffs (231212)

Today as I was checking my personnel treating and taking care of our patients with necessary care, I felt how good it is that I can trust them to manage the clinic in my behalf while I am at the other side of the globe.

I wanted Yasaman (my secretary) to take a photo of some of my staffs while working to post the picture. After they were done with appointed patients, they took a picture of themselves voluntarily and sent it to me.  just by looking at that picture I felt how blessed I am for having such good employees, a team that I can trust and do their jobs despite my I sometimes harsh attitude (as a perfectionist periodontist sometimes I become tough and hard on them because I ask them to perform their duties towards patients with excellence).

I believe many of my colleagues can agree the importance of a good team and personal in their work results and performance. This includes not only their skills but also even more important than that, it’s their attitude and honesty. They being trusting and trustworthy, honest and have a good sense of teamwork. So, we as doctors should not be ignorant towards the importance of presence of our staffs. Their performance can have direct influence on our work and results directly.   

There are times I am tired or frustrated and yet they manage to continue their task. Although there might be time, they also make mistakes, sometimes unforgettable and unforgiving but overall, they are great and most of all they have a good attitude which is the most important factor for me.

One time I bought a brand-new Italian Implant Handpiece and then 2 days later I saw my assistant came to me with teary eyes and asking for my forgiveness and was willing to quit her job and told “I want you to fire me as I understand”. I was shocked so aske her what happened and it was then she mentioned how she had mistakenly dropped the new handpiece into the infection garbage!

But despite some mistakes I cannot imagine how I could reach here without them. So, I want to thank them all for being nice and good and keep up the good job.

“Teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability.” – Patrick Lencioni

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