Dr. Mahdi khadematolrasoul dentist
Dr. Mahdi Khadematolrasoul

The Dental Treatment Around the World (231219)

Today as we took an Uber to go to airport for our flight Montreal to Vancouver. Since we had 4 languages, we asked for Uber XL.

And a black Kia Carnival came whose driver was a 74-year-old Male from Kairo. He migrated to Canada when he was 12 with his parents and stayed here since then. I was surprised why a retired man should still work. But later I realized his story and that itself shows why many still like to migrate to Canada.

He seems to retire after 25 years of working and now he enjoys travelling around the world, most especially far eaters Asian Countries like Thailand.

as I was asking about health and medical concerns of Canadian Citizens, I realized he had all his teeth rehabilitated for a beautiful smile by going to Turkey. I asked him why not in Canada and he replied for 14 crowns including 12 dental implants he had to pay around 90k dollars in Canada, but he had them done in a prestigious clinic with much services like Free Transportation, two assistance and a personal translator for only 8k dollars.

I was shocked then I remembered our practice. Realizing that dental treatments costs differently around the world. The funny part was unlike what I had imagine the same treatment would have costed him even more in Thailand. But of course, not as much as what it would’ve cost him in Canda or US.

When I asked him why he answered with much understanding “because dental schools here cost much and dentist like to earn back the money their spent for education and their years spent in school in at least 10 years”.

It was surprising to see the different in cost of the same treatment all around the world and of course the reason is the economy of the country. Imagine the same person would’ve come to the country where I worked. His expenses would’ve been even less.

This alone can determine many reasons for colleagues to chose where to practice their profession after all. Location matters.  

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