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Dr. Mahdi Khadematolrasoul

Challenge Accepted (Aug 2023)

After my Presentation with the title :
“DME vs. Crown-lengthening”

I am invited to give another lecture, this time for the Iranian General Dentists Association this coming October.
The Coordinator for Science Committee (a prosthodontist himself) called me and invited me officially and upon asking the details, I was told the conference theme is “Modern Treatments” and the main attendees are general dentists. They let me chose the topic myself regardless of the theme (how kind of them, which shows much respect) but as a hard headed that I am I decided to look for another new topic which can go with the conference theme and also gives me a challenge as well to make some new readings and research.
Nothing gives me a chill like a topic that I have not spoken yet. That way I push myself to update and learn new stuffs as well.

Though I made my style not have two speeches of lectures exactly the same and though some of my seminars and workshops are a single topic that are being given periodically and requested often, but none of my slides or lectures hare the same. I make sure that every presentation is updated. However new topics are something else. They require additional information and sometimes they make me go extra mile.
So as my routine, I give the organization, school or company who invites me, two topics of my choice (if they don’t ask me for a certain topic themselves). The first topic “Crown-lengthening vs. Biomimetics”, a topic that recently became interesting even for a periodontist like myself and the general dentists who are used to refer their patients to us for advanced surgical procedures, and “Digital Implantology; myth vs. reality”, a topic I know many dentists specially here think is the prime solution to every edentulous problem with the least risk and highest definitive answer. Both of which I know might be interesting to them. The latter topic is usually included in our lectures on Digital Dentistry and Digital Implantology but the earlier topic is something which I myself am also interested to dig deeper.
Therefore, I set the bar little higher by telling the coordinator you choose between the two but I believe the first topic might be more interesting, in which he himself agreed and showed much interest himself. I always believed in growth and for that one should get out of his/her comfort zone.
So, after they chose the first topic, the one that I have to study and search further I remembered how Barney Stinson – from the Comedy Series “How I Met Your Mother” played by Neil Patrick Harris – used to say it; “Challenge Accepted!”, and it gave me a chill.

“Until you dare to take on new challenges, you wouldn’t discover your full potential”

~ Bernard Kelvin Clive

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