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Dr. Mahdi Khadematolrasoul

Crocs®, the New Outfit (231007)

dr mehdi khademorasool

It had been years since Crocs® Foot Wear was introduced to the world and despite their ugly design it became a sensation and a want to have items for the public. It showed its successful marketing and sales through these years specially after adding the decorative items called “Jibbitz™”.

Since the beginning I was looking at the Crocs® and waiting to see what can cause its failure and I was expecting its ugly design be the main cause. But as time passed by not only it didn’t fail but it actually grew bigger. They changed some designs and added accessories and somehow it became somehow a semi-luxury brand.

Surprisingly it became not only a sensation but somehow a must have among colleagues and healthcare professionals. From surgeons who had to operate for hours till nurses who had long hours of duty in the hospitals. Since I am more on practical side of things that I own (specially gadgets and instruments I use) I asked around if it really has a big difference to have Crocs® than other shoe wears for clinic use. In which many said its so comfy and easy to wear.

Till then I either used white shoes or light color Sketchers® pairs which were really comfortable specially the open back designs. But out of curiosity and finally giving in to trends and insistence of my partner I decided to get a new pair of Crocs® and since there are no Crocs® here I waited till I visited the Philippines in which the stores we went unfortunately either didn’t have the size or the design I wanted. Therefore, I waited again and finally bought these two from Turkey.

It’s nice to see finally I got myself a pair of Crocs® design which I thought would be nice for me in the clinic and so far, so good.

Sometimes following the crowd in life, is not necessarily bad. And sometimes we have to accept and give in to the Collective Wisdom gathered by majority. Though I am critic and always have been skeptical to most decisions made by the mass due to influences marketers and advertising companies have on the us, but at least this time I feel comfortable and my feet don’t sweat in Crocs® unlike shoes. Maybe it’s the vents and holes it has.

So better as well, to enjoy it.

Adaptation is a profound process. Means you figure out how to thrive in the world. ~John Laroche, from the movie Adaptation, 2002

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