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Dr. Mahdi Khadematolrasoul

230307 – Challenges of Practicing in Country with Post-totalitarian System

Today we received a warning message from the National Cyberspace Criminal Cases Determination Committee (hope I translated it properly since their original name is vague) that our activity on the internet doesn’t match the permit we acquired for our practice. And the only reason is the name of our clinic in Persian language (written in the permit) is Yekta and we are using its English translation which is Unique.

The funny part is that they don’t allow English terms to be used as clinic brand name and along the hectic official process to acquire clinic permit, which is filled with lots of headache, we have to suggest 4 names for them to pick up one for us! And all names should be Persian (or Arabic!) but should nor have been taken before and should not be similar to famous official’s name (dead or alive)!.

We have had started our little activity on the net to spread dental health care knowledge for public to be able to increase dental and oral health awareness among our citizens and even go internationally. We spend much time, energy and money to be able to create quality content (sometimes information that even the dental schools here fail to teach their students, that’s why we have followers who are dentists)   

But then again it is frustrating that a single name (which is actually a translation and a brand name of ours) is faced with such dilemma instead of having support by the system, we are threatened.

This made me remember the book of Power of the Powerless by Václav Havel and how in such a system (the term post-totalitarian was first mentioned in this book), those who should be appreciated and actually be supported are suppressed, using the laws by those who supposedly make the life of individual better and meaningful.

But this won’t stop us to share our knowledge and help the people to have better and healthier teeth and smiles, and have a better understanding of oral and dental health. The support we have, is the appreciation of our patients and followers who send us loving messages that inspires us to continue doing the right thing.

“Doing the right thing isn’t always easy – in fact,, sometimes it’s real hard – but just remember that doing the right thing is always right.” ~ David Cottrell ~ 

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