Dr. Mahdi khadematolrasoul dentist
Dr. Mahdi Khadematolrasoul

The Advanced Implant Course (240103)

Today I gave the first part of our advanced implantology course with 23 students. I found it a blessing to share my knowledge and I am never thrifty in sharing what I know.

Today I felt warm hearted when one of the attendees who actually was older than me said: “I actually attended today because you were the lecturer and I know you because of your lectures and presentations in Annual Symposiums and Seminars of Dental Associations. And every time you have lecture I make sure to seat in front rows and listen attentively”

His words made me feel that I am in the right track and I feel blessed for that. Being a public speaker which once was a frightening thing to me as a very timid and shy boy, now is a strength and I am happy that I was able to learn this skill and with that I am able to touch many good lives by sharing what I know, both in my career and my life journey.

After finishing the two day course and the workshop, I remembered what my college professor once told me: “if sharing your knowledge is what makes you happy, then you should consider becoming a faculty member!” back then in those days my primary goal was to graduate and go back to my family and start working but I never let the dream of becoming a lecturer get away.

Therefore after I came back and finalized my accrediting my degree and becoming licensed here, I started to accept giving lectures and handling courses and workshops.

in near future there will be a collaboration for giving some fundamental courses (mostly new topics) with few companies in the country and I am looking forward to those.

One thing I like about being a lecturer is the opportunity to update myself every time I have lecture, making sure none of my lectures are the same. At least there will be a minimum changes every time I deliver a lecture.

As Matthea Harvey once said: “Teaching is a great way of learning.

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