Dr. Mahdi khadematolrasoul dentist
Dr. Mahdi T. Khadematolrasoul
دکتر مهدی خادمه الرسول

Full Responsibility is on Us! (231211)

For a business trip I had to leave the country but the last-minute surgery was a Free Gingival Graft on a patient whom I performed a digital Implant Placement with GBR almost a month ago. Since my trip would take more than a month hence, I felt the treatment should

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دکتر مهدی خادمه الرسول

Time Makes One Experienced!(231015)

I was sitting next to my classmate attending a well-known Periodontist and one of the authors of our reference books. The entire auditorium was filled by our colleagues and our teachers and professors just listening to his lectures.  I was a 1st year Master’s Degree in Periodontology, and this seminar

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dr mehdi khademorasool

Crocs®, the New Outfit (231007)

It had been years since Crocs® Foot Wear was introduced to the world and despite their ugly design it became a sensation and a want to have items for the public. It showed its successful marketing and sales through these years specially after adding the decorative items called “Jibbitz™”. Since

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دندانپزشکی ایمپلنت شیراز

Challenge Accepted (Aug 2023)

I am invited to give another lecture, this time for the Iranian General Dentists Association this coming October.The Coordinator for Science Committee (a prosthodontist himself) called me and invited me officially and upon asking the details, I was told the conference theme is “Modern Treatments” and the main attendees are

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dr mahdi khadematolrasoul

Digital Dentistry at Coffeeshop (Aug 2023)

One of my hobbies is going to a cozy coffeeshop, find a next to a window table and read. Specially at some of the weekends when I am alone this is a routine for me. This weekend I was practicing and enhancing my skills in using different Digital Implant software

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دکتر مهدی خادمه الرسول بهترین دندانپزشک شیراز

What I Am Proud Of (Aug2023)

Since I was a dental student, it was my dream to be among speakers and lecturers. And since nothing like sharing what I know, gives me energy and inspires me, I am very glad seeing that dream had come true. It is my privilege to give lectures and hold seminars

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July 21 2024